Your donation makes a huge
difference to the lives of
family carers

Your donation ensures that more family carers of people with dementia can access our services when they need them most.

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Your support
helps people like Jill

When Jill’s husband was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she had to give up her job to help care for him and she found it isolating. After attending one of DCC’s courses she felt equipped with practical knowledge of dementia as well as where to find help as someone caring for a family member with dementia.

Give in memory

Donate in memory of someone special

Your in-memory donation is a thoughtful way to celebrate someone special while helping us to be there for the next family that needs our support. It means we can continue to go above and beyond to help dementia carers to find new ways to develop their resilience so they can survive and grow through the most challenging of times.

Celebrate the life of someone special to you.

Funeral and memorial collections

We know how personal funerals and memorials can be and we want to support you in any way we can. You might want to ask your friends and family to limit funeral flowers and make a donation to Dementia Carers Count instead.

If you would like to collect donations at a funeral or memorial service, in lieu of flowers, please let us know and we can advise you on the best way to do this. Email us or call 020 3096 7894 for more information.

Other ways to remember someone special

You can make a one off or regular donation in memory of someone special to you at any time. You can also fundraise in memory of that person, and if you would like, we can create a named tribute fund on your behalf.

Dementia Carers Count’s new forget-me-not tribute funds are a way for family and friends to donate and fundraise into a named tribute fund to remember someone special. By creating a tribute fund, we will be able to let you know how much you and your friends and family have raised together. The forget-me-not flower and dementia are linked in the most beautiful way. The flower symbolises the not wanting to be forgotten and not wanting to forget, especially by family and friends.

Alternatively, you can

We create the fund for you
Whenever you or a friend or family member send a donation, as long as you include the name of the fund, we will make sure to add the gift to the total

Gifts in wills

Whatever your story, a gift allows us to continue supporting dementia carers.

Making a will ensures your property, possessions and investments go to the people and causes you care about.

Family and friends come first. But once you have looked after your loved ones, leaving a gift in your will to Dementia Carers Count can help us be there for people who need us.

Any gift, no matter the amount, can make a significant difference to the lives of people caring for friends or family with dementia and will mean we can continue to run our courses free of charge.

As the number of people living with dementia grows so will the number of people caring for them – your gift can help ensure they can access our services when they need them most.

Dementia Carers Count free will writing service

We have partnered with trusted will writing providers Farewill to offer you the chance to write your will for free.

Write your will in 15 minutes with the UK’s number one will writer. On chat, email and phone 7 days a week to help answer all your questions.

Writing a will

Your will is an important document and we recommend you seek legal advice from a solicitor for drafting your will. They will be able to give you all the advice you need about Inheritance Tax, the types of gifts you can leave as well as how you can leave a gift to charities such as Dementia Carers Count.

If you would like to include a gift in your will to Dementia Carers Count, please ask your solicitor to use our full name and details to ensure your gift reaches us. Our details are:

Charity Name: Dementia Carers Count (working name of the Royal Surgical Aid Society)

Charity Number: Charity registered in England No. 216613

If you have already left a gift in your will to Dementia Carers Count, please let us know. We would like to thank you. Knowing you have pledged a gift to the charity also allows us to plan for the future.

We would like to ask you to let us know if you have or plan to leave us a gift in your will. Please email or call 020 3096 7894.

A gift in your will can help people like Mah

Your gift can help people like Mah access services like our free courses. Mah helped care for her mum with Alzheimer’s and went on one of our courses when she felt she wasn’t coping as well as she had done in the past.

On the impact the course had, she says ‘before I went on the Dementia Carers Count course I was tired and exhausted all the time. I began to have panic attacks – these disappeared after I did the course!’ I can honestly say it absolutely changed my life… Its given me strength to do all the things I need to do.’

A gift in your will could help more people like Mah attend our expert led courses and develop resilience to help them care for themselves as well as their loved one with dementia.

The course did me so much good – I am still feeling calm and relaxed…..this is probably best I have felt in years. It is funny how a few days can be so transformative.

Sarah Churchill – carer

What a super course, group and trainers! Really enjoyed your company. Have needed to breathe on my return to reality! Much better option than getting cross!

Jill Brown – carer

I feel a lot more positive about myself and feel better armed to cope with the future demands of being an able carer for my Mandy.

David Nixon – carer

I thought that the whole group talking sessions were terrific – very useful and very friendly and bonding. Everyone’s questions were interesting.

Barbara Benedek – carer

I was not in a good place when I arrived but, thanks to you all I left feeling uplifted.

Ann Warner – carer

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We are constantly developing and updating our range of remote and online services to ensure that family and friends caring for someone with dementia continue to be well-supported.