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Are you caring for a partner, family member or friend with dementia? Would you like to learn more about dementia as well as about ways to improve your own well-being?

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Virtual Carers Centre Virtual Carers Centre

We have started developing a range of remote and online services to ensure that family and friends caring for someone with dementia continue to be well-supported.

Our One-Day Courses Our One-Day Courses

Our one-day courses offer a focused approach, covering specialised subjects such as eating and drinking, relationships and communication.

Our Three-Day Courses Our Three-Day Courses

Our three-day courses have equipped family carers across the UK with the strength and resilience they need to look after themselves.

Annual Review Annual Review

We are delighted to share our annual review to reflect all our achievements since establishing our new charity!

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  • Dementia stats & facts


    families in the UK care for people with dementia.


    of family carers of people with dementia provide in excess of 100 hours of care per week.


    worth of care is provided by unpaid carers.

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    "Take time out. You need to recharge your batteries, so you have enough energy to give to others. Recognise that this will not only enhance your quality of life, it will also enhance your ability to be there for those that rely on you." @RuthWatsonPsy

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