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When Jill’s husband was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she had to give up her job to help care for him and she found it isolating. After attending one of DCC’s courses she felt equipped with practical knowledge of dementia as well as where to find help as someone caring for a family member with dementia.

The course did me so much good – I am still feeling calm and relaxed…..this is probably best I have felt in years. It is funny how a few days can be so transformative.

Sarah Churchill – carer

What a super course, group and trainers! Really enjoyed your company. Have needed to breathe on my return to reality! Much better option than getting cross!

Jill Brown – carer

I feel a lot more positive about myself and feel better armed to cope with the future demands of being an able carer for my Mandy.

David Nixon – carer

I thought that the whole group talking sessions were terrific – very useful and very friendly and bonding. Everyone’s questions were interesting.

Barbara Benedek – carer

I was not in a good place when I arrived but, thanks to you all I left feeling uplifted.

Ann Warner – carer