Handy tips

1. Let us know about your walk. We can provide you with all the fundraising materials you will need, such as a Dementia Carers Count T-shirt, as well as lots of advice and support as you plan your walk. Contact us at fundraising@dementiacarers.org.uk or on 0203 5400 700. Get started with our fundraising pack.

2. Decide on your route and how far you want to go. Challenge yourself! Get some practice in before the big walk around your local streets or park.

3. Check your planned route. Is it public access or does it require permission?

4. Make sure you’re safe and medically fit to walk your chosen route. Tell someone where you are and roughly how long you’ll be out walking for. Take a mobile phone (check it has battery and signal), blister plasters, a first aid kit, water and food if you have a long walk. Walk in the daylight and in well populated areas. Don’t isolate yourself or take any risks.

5. Doing a risk assessment is the best way to make sure your event is safe and secure. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just means checking practical, common sense things. Give yourself time to check over your route, make yourself aware of potential hazards and put a plan in place to minimise any risk. You can use our risk assessment template. Give us a ring on 0203 5400 700 if you want to talk it through.

6. If you’re organising a walk that other people are going to participate in, it is advisable to take out a public liability insurance policy. This will protect you against anyone alleging that you were negligent when you organised the walk if a third party suffers injury or if their property is damaged.

7. If you plan on doing your walk in the countryside, familiarise yourself with the countryside code. This is an important tool to make sure you’re using the outside in a safe and respectful way.

8. Set up an online fundraising page on JustGiving. Tell people why you’re walking for Dementia Carers Count and how their donation will help. Set a target to encourage people to sponsor you.

9. Track your walk using your smart watch or an app like Map My Walk or Strava. You can then upload your walk distance and route to social media and your JustGiving page to show people you have completed your challenge.

10. Have fun! Let us know how you got on and send us any photos you are happy for us to share on our social media to inspire others to walk for Dementia Carers Count. Use #WalkinMyShoes and tag us @dementiacarers. Thank you and enjoy!

General Fundraising Health & Safety Tips

Keep it legal, keep it safe

Children: Don’t allow children under 16 to collect money from the public without an adult and ensure children are adequately supervised.

Raffles and Lotteries: There are three kinds of lottery or raffle and each has different rules and regulations. These are governed by The Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 (as amended). For the most up to date information on organising a lottery or raffle, visit the Gambling Commission website.

Food and drink: There are many regulations governing the use of food and even if you are only providing food on a one-off basis you must still comply with these. For specific advice on food safety legislation please contact the Environmental Health Services department at your local council. We recommend that you contact your local authority before your event to discuss with them what you plan to do. Every person involved in the preparation and serving of food to the public must have a basic understanding of food hygiene. If you plan to sell alcohol, you need to have a liquor licence. You get this from your local Magistrates Court.

Entertainment: If you are planning to have some form of entertainment (this means two or more people performing or dancing) in a building, which does not already hold a Public Entertainments Licence, you need to get one. This licence is provided by your local authority.

Money matters: Keep money in a lockable box and only collect sponsorship in a safe environment. Do not collect in any public place without first obtaining a collector’s licence from your local authority. Not collect on private property (including shops and pubs) without first obtaining the permission of the owner. Use fundraising websites such as Justgiving if you can. Ensure that all donations made by cheque from the donor are payable to Dementia Carers Count as appropriate. Do not raise funds by carrying out house-to-house collections.

Materials and PR: Not reproduce the Dementia Carers Count logo, you can get all fundraising materials direct from Us. In the event that you do feature the logo on your own materials, please ensure it is approved by the Dementia Carers Count. Ensure that “in support of” appears. Abide at all times by the Data Protection Act 2018 and all other relevant legislation and regulations.

Insurance and risk assessment: If you are walking at working, at school or in a group we strongly recommend you have adequate insurance and that you take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of all concerned. Caring out a risk assessment is a great way to make sure you consider the safety of all involved. It is the responsibility of those joining in with any activities to ensure that they are fit enough to take part. Dementia Carers Count cannot accept responsibility for accident, injury, loss or damage as a result of your activity.

Legal guidelines: The advice given in this section is clearly intended to provide general guidance only and to that extent the information conveyed is accurate. Abide by the Codes of practice maintained by the Fundraising Regulator.