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To commemorate Father’s Day, we recorded a podcast with John Stiles about his family’s experience of caring for his father, the legendary footballer Nobby Stiles, who died last October with advanced dementia.


John is a former footballer turned comedian and an ardent supporter of Dementia Carers Count. In this podcast, he shared heart-warming tales from his childhood and spoke about his relationship with his father – the moments he cherished and the heavier stuff too.


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we shared the incredible stories of Shobna Gulati and Suzy Webster.

Shobna is an award-winning actor, dancer, choreographer and presenter, and recently published ‘Remember me? Discovering My Mother as She Lost Her Memory’; a memoir on losing her mother to dementia.


In the podcast, Shobna speaks to Nimisha, who cares for her grandmother, about the highs and lows of their caring experiences and shares an insight into some of the challenges family carers face on a daily basis.


Suzy spoke to us about her experience of caring for her mother, who has a diagnosis of hydrocephalus and Alzheimer’s Disease. Suzy won the award for An Exceptional Contribution by a Family Carer at last year’s Dementia Care Awards. An award which was advocated and sponsored by Dementia Carers Count. We are incredibly grateful to Suzy for sharing her story with us.



Welcome to our Every Small Step series of podcasts from family dementia carers, former carers, medical professionals, and DCC staff and volunteers. There are 700,00 people in the UK caring for someone with dementia and we’re sharing just some of their stories. Below you can hear the tough times, the challenges, and some of the lighter bits too. Thank you to all of our guests for sharing their time and their stories.


Episode one – Terry Barnett and David Dry

In this podcast, David and Terry speak candidly about the unique challenges that male carers face, how their lives have changed since their wives’ diagnosis, and the impact DCC’s course has had on their approach to caring.


Episode two – Manjit Nijjar and Peter Watson

In this touching podcast, Manjit and Peter talk about the life-changing impact becoming a carer had on them and how this experience led them both to join the DCC Carers Advisory Panel to shape the future direction of Dementia Carers Count.


Episode three – Jayne Goodrick and Chris Roberts

In their podcast, married couple Jayne and Chris speak about how they met and the impact Chris’ diagnosis has had on their relationship. This is a touching, funny and wonderful account of a relationship over time.


Episode four – Jill Davidson and Tony Burch

In this podcast, Tony and Jill speak openly about working for and dealing with the NHS. Tony is a retired GP and Jill cares for her husband, Paul, who has behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia. They talk about the gap between what’s available to family carers and what they need, and how DCC is putting family carers back on the map.


Episode five – Claire Goodchild and Juliet Long

In this podcast, Claire, the Chief Executive of Dementia Carers Count, speaks to former carer Juliet Long about Juliet’s experience of caring for her mother. They discuss the duty that plays into caring roles and the ongoing support Juliet receives from the people she met on DCC’s course.


You can listen to our podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Breaker, Radio Public and Pocket Casts by following this link.