Things to consider when choosing a care home

April 20, 2022
May 9, 2022

This ‘Transitions into care’ all day session explores the decision to move a friend or family member with dementia into a care home.

Led by registered health and care professionals, these face to face sessions support carers through this difficult life event. Our team of experts help family carers to feel as prepared and supported as possible during this time. There will be time to connect with other carers as well as the professionals in a supportive and protected environment.

Why join this session?

Many people living with dementia stay at home with support from a family carer. However, the needs of the person with dementia become more complex. For many a care home may be eventually be needed.

This is often an extremely difficult decision for people to make at a point in their lives when they are particularly vulnerable.

NHS consumer research found that there is often very little prior consideration of care needs and options by prospective residents, their representatives and their families.

Frequently, decisions on care are faced for the first time following a sudden illness, injury or loss of a carer, meaning they are often made with urgency under extremely distressing circumstances.

This session is for you if you would like to …

A breakdown of the day

09:30–11:15: Introduction; Structure of care homes and funding considerations

11:30–13:00: Standards and what would make a ‘good care home’ for the person you support

13:45–15:00: Guilt grief and role transitions

15:15-16:30: Making the most of your visits and looking after yourself

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Things to consider when choosing a care home
This 'Transitions into care' series explores the issue of deciding to move a friend or family member with dementia into a care home
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