Spotlight on understanding and supporting someone with personal care
June 9, 2022
June 21, 2022

For a person with dementia, personal care activities such as getting washed and dressed may become more difficult.

In this session we will explore some of the difficulties that may occur and the reasons for this.

We will link this with Tom Kitwood’s model of person-centred care, exploring each of the areas and how they may impact on a person’s experience of personal care activities.

We will explore strategies to overcome some of the difficulties, to enable someone to be as independent as possible and to enable the carer to support where needed.

We will be sharing ideas, resources and experiences with each other and having an opportunity to consider your needs as a family carer.

The session is for you if you would like to …

Spotlight sessions are all on zoom and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Carers express the importance of sharing ideas and information, and we know that an opportunity to do this makes the information given in the session far more meaningful. However, we also know some people do not want to participate in discussions and our practitioners are fully accepting of this. Some people are also unable to attend the full 90 minutes, in this instance, please call one of our team and we can talk this through with you.

Our courses for family carers are designed specifically for family and friends of people with dementia however we do understand that sometimes attending as a professional can be useful. It will enable you to recommend our courses to family and friends of people with dementia that you support, and to find out more about how carers feel about the issues that they face with different types of dementia. There is a cost associated with attending our courses as a professional, get in touch to find out more – 020 3096 7894 –

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