Spotlight on managing changes in movement and sensation
January 1, 2021
June 23, 2022

It is an opportunity to focus specifically on some of the motor and sensory challenges which can occur for a person with dementia alongside support strategies which can really impact on the well-being of the person and your ability to cope with the challenges. These challenges may include sequencing everyday tasks such as getting dressed, eating a meal, sensations, and spatial awareness.  By understanding the challenges for the person with dementia, this session will provide you with the knowledge that you have the ability and skills to support some of these challenges.

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Our courses for family carers are designed specifically for family and friends of people with dementia however we do understand that sometimes attending as a professional can be useful. It will enable you to recommend our courses to family and friends of people with dementia that you support, and to find out more about how carers feel about the issues that they face with different types of dementia. There is a cost associated with attending our courses as a professional, get in touch to find out more – 020 3096 7894 –

Managing changes in movement and sensation
This session takes a deep look at the everyday challenges a person with dementia faces plus ideas for simplifying tasks. We explore how changes in the brain affect everyday tasks.
006LOL Movement and sensation
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