End of life care

January 9, 2022
June 20, 2022

“Chance to talk” is an opportunity for you to meet other family carers looking after someone with dementia and have an informal chat with those in a similar situation.

Our theme this month is: End of life care

This will be a chance to discuss an area of caring which can be particularly difficult. What helps support your wellbeing and supports you to continue caring?

These sessions are to connect carers and share ideas about what has helped you and the person you are supporting, which may benefit other carers. This particular session may help you to voice your concerns and ask questions around end of life issues in advanced dementia.

Is this session for me?

These sessions are an opportunity for carers to have an informal chat about a particular subject. There will be time to share experiences with other carers and have access to Dementia Carers Count’s team of professionals who will be part of the session to offer advice and listen in a safe, connected space. We will also feedback any common themes and challenges that family carers are facing to try to influence positive change.


We ask you to book to ensure we know who is attending the sessions.

The small, informal groups ensure that everyone has the chance to ask questions and connect with other carers.

Each session lasts up to 1 hour.

Our courses for family carers are designed specifically for family and friends of people with dementia however we do understand that sometimes attending as a professional can be useful. It will enable you to recommend our courses to family and friends of people with dementia that you support, and to find out more about how carers feel about the issues that they face with different types of dementia. There is a cost associated with attending our courses as a professional, get in touch to find out more – 020 3096 7894 – support@dementiacarers.org.uk

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End of life care
This month's discussion: End of life care. Our "Chance to talk” sessions are for you to meet other family carers and have an informal chat with those in a similar situation.
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Chance to talk