Guided Ha breathing

January 8, 2021
September 7, 2022

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Hi there, it’s Andrew here, Andrew Embling. I’m an associate Practitioner with Dementia Carers Count and I want to share with you some hints and tips on on keeping well. The one I want to share today is Ha breathing.

Ha breathing comes from the Huna tradition in Hawaii. Some people might recognise it as water breath, perhaps. The idea is that it’s a breathing exercise where you breathe out for twice as long as you breathe in. Any extended out breath will automatically slow the heart rate down, helping to relax you; to calm you down.

So if you were getting anxious or your thoughts were running away with themselves, this is an ideal thing to begin with. And it may on its own be enough just to regain your thoughts and just to be present with being here and now. So Ha breathing. The main difference, or the main thing with Ha breathing is you vocalise you literally go ‘Haaaa’. Okay, so we might as well just do it.

So basically, in my mind, I’m going to breathe in for a count of two, and I’m going to breathe out for a count of four. And I’m going to do it four times. Now, those four times may be enough. If you’re doing this yourself, I would say do it for as long as you’re comfortable to do so. If at any point you were to feel dizzy or giddy, just stop immediately. And use it whenever you feel it appropriate to do so. Anytime perhaps when you may be aware of getting a little bit anxious, or your thoughts are beginning to run away with themselves. Okay, here we go.

[Practices Ha breathing exercise]

Okay, so I hope that illustrates the point and I hope you find it useful. Try it – and notice the difference that it can make. It’s as simple as that and as powerful as that. If you do have any questions, do contact us. We’re here to support you. Take care.

Guided Ha breathing
Andrew Embling takes you through the Guided Ha breathing technique in this instructional video
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