Forum community guidelines

Developed: November 2021

Dementia Carers Count (DCC) formerly known as Royal Surgical Aid Society promises to respect and protect the personal information (or The Dementia Carers Count carer-to-carer forum is intended to be a space for carers to discuss issues that matter to them in a safe and supportive environment. For the benefit of all members of the community, we ask that you follow the guidelines below. Please help us to make this resource work for the benefit of all carers.


Please remain respectful of other community members and posters at all times. People’s experiences of caring for someone with dementia will all be unique. Being a carer can produce profoundly difficult emotional states and thought processes and it is important to respect other community member’s rights to hold and express their own views on dementia, being a carer and other topics. You have the right to disagree, but please do so politely and be sensitive to the views and feelings of other users.

Please do not post or link to any content that other users might find distressing or upsetting.

We will not tolerate any comments that are discriminatory with regards to age, disability, gender, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation or that are in any other way harmful or offensive or that link to harmful or offensive content. Any material that constitutes defamation, harassment, threatening behaviour or abuse is strictly prohibited.


Please be polite and courteous to help keep the forum a welcoming place for all users. Obscenity, profanity and insults will not be tolerated. Remember that it is not always easy to understand tone and meaning accurately from written communications; be generous in your interpretation of others’ comments.

Please post in English. Our moderators are not able to moderate posts in any other language and it is important that all users can understand the content posted.

Please don’t use abbreviations or ‘text speak’ that others might not understand. Other users might not be familiar with slang and jargon, especially if they don’t speak English as a first language. Even abbreviations that are common in the community, like PwD (person with dementia) might not be understood by new users. Try to write in a way that will be useful to the whole community and not make anyone feel excluded. 


Community members are allowed to post anonymously. Given the size of the community you may recognise an individual you know from the information they post. Please do not make any comments that would allow others to identify them. If they wish to identify themselves, they can choose to do so.

Please do not ask other community members for personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers and social media contact information on this forum, and please do not share yours.

Promotional content

This is not a forum for advertising goods or services. Please refrain from promoting commercial products or services, whether your own or from a third-party or from soliciting work. Please don’t link to any websites, platforms, surveys or petitions that are not related to the content of the site.

Offering guidance

When offering guidance to others, please be clear that you are talking from the perspective of your own experiences and not as a professional expert. If you want to make suggestions about mental health, diet, exercise or any other personal lifestyle choices please link to content on this site or on trusted external resources like the NHS, rather than making claims directly. Please do not offer medical guidance directly, or encourage anyone to ignore professional advice they have been give (even if you are a medical professional yourself) but refer the user to external sources.

Please do not post copyright-protected materials without explicit permission from the copyright holder.


If you have a topic to post, please first check if there is an existing thread on that topic that you can add to instead. This will help to make the forum as useful and accessible as possible for other users. Please stay on topic. If you want to talk about a new topic, start a new post.

You can post about anything that is relevant to your experience as a carer, but please keep your comments to this broad context and don’t use the forum to discuss totally unrelated topics.


The role of the moderator is to help those on the forum share their ideas within a supportive community and to contribute to and participate in discussions and stimulate debate where appropriate.

If there is a breach of the community guidelines, DCC moderators will take a three-step rule to protect the forum and its community. This approach is based upon an assumption that sometimes when people feel passionately about a topic, things can get out of hand, but this may not be done out of malicious intent.

Step 1

Send a direct message to the user explaining why their post is in breach of the guidelines, whilst also stating on the thread that the post was in violation of the community guidelines and remove the offending post.

Step 2

If the breach continues after step 1, a second written notice of the violation will be issued, and the moderator may offer to talk on the phone or via zoom to the individual outlining the concerns regarding the post. The post will be removed as above.

Step 3

If there is a continued breach of the community guidelines by an individual, access the to the forum will be suspended and a final notice will be sent to the member in question.  Depending on the severity of the offence, suspension may be temporary or permanent.


If a moderator is concerned about the safety of a forum member then they will privately message the member to find out more information and discuss possible support needs.  If appropriate the moderator will follow a safeguarding process which will always be done with consent and full knowledge of the member involved.


Nothing published in this forum by carers or Dementia Carers Count practitioners should be construed as clinical, legal, financial or other professional advice – or as a substitute for professional advice taken on an individual basis.  

Dementia Carers Count does not necessarily endorse any views expressed on the forum by community users and comments from Dementia Carers Count practitioners and staff do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation itself.

Any information contained in forum comments may be out of date, linked to external websites containing out-of-date information or be based on sources that have proved unreliable. Content may contain factual errors or omit important details and context and may make suggestions that are not appropriate for some individual users of the site.

Dementia Carers Count can accept no responsibility or liability for any consequences, direct or indirect, arising from errors, omissions, incompleteness or inaccuracy in the information contained in the forum, in the wider site content it links to or on any externally linked sites. Any user who acts on information contained in this forum does so entirely at their own risk. We recommend you take separate expert advice before making any changes, especially in relation to diet, exercise, finance, legal matters and the care of others. Dementia Carers Count is not responsible for the content of external websites, information pages or documents linked to from forum comments. 

We reserve the right to remove comments, posts and topics at our discretion, without notice, but do not imply any endorsement of any comments, posts or topics which remain. 

This website and all its content is copyrighted and the property of Dementia Carers Count. You must not share, copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast or otherwise transmit any part of this site or its content for any commercial purpose.