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Emotional wellbeing |  Resilience

Ways to maintain resilience

We all have our own tricks for staying calm and bring balance back to our emotions. Here, carers share theirs with us

By Andrew Embling, DCC practitioner

When we talk about resilience with carers it will mean different things to different people. We’ve listed some of the words associated with resilience below. We encourage carers to think of small, free, easily accessible things they can do which will help them feel a little calmer, a little happier and help them move from the feelings of burnout, and no matter how temporary this shift may be it’s important to know what can alter your mood. Here are some ideas from carers about what helps them:

How you maintain resilience

I make sure that my inner voice is kinder and more forgiving

Pottering in the garden

I try to have a laugh and to see the funny side

Check in with where I’m at on the emotions in action cycle and be more mindful

Try and do the breathing exercises everyday

Going to the beach, being by the sea

Conversation with friends and family

Listening to loud music in the car

Dancing around my kitchen

Being out in nature- I love hugging trees

Eating chocolate and lots of it

Taking the dog for a walk

Stroking my dog’s ears

Listening to birdsong

The smell of fresh tomatoes

An exercise we do with carers when focusing on resilience is to get them to list 5 things they enjoy doing for each of their senses, examples below:


popping bubble wrap
stroking cat


old photos
the sky


running water


sweet tangerines


fresh bread
cut grass