Podcast selection: Carers’ experiences

May 7, 2021
November 1, 2022

Terry and David

In this podcast, David and Terry speak candidly about the unique challenges that male carers face, how their lives have changed since their wives’ diagnosis, and the impact DCC’s course has had on their approach to caring.

Manjit and Peter

In this touching podcast, Manjit and Peter talk about the life-changing impact becoming a carer had on them and how this experience led them both to join the DCC Carers Advisory Panel to shape the future direction of Dementia Carers Count.

Claire and Juliet

In this podcast, Claire, the Chief Executive of Dementia Carers Count, speaks to former carer Juliet Long about Juliet’s experience of caring for her mother. They discuss the duty that plays into caring roles and the ongoing support Juliet receives from the people she met on DCC’s course.

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Podcast selection: Carer's experiences
Hearing the experiences of other carers - their challenges and frustrations, as well as their strategies for dealing with them - can make a huge difference. So what better way to hear them than in their own voices?
Being a carer
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