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We welcome you to this partnership between The Association of Jewish Refugees and Dementia Carers Count.

Dementia Carers Count provide free courses designed and delivered by healthcare professionals, that will help you develop skills and build confidence to navigate the highs and lows of caring for someone with dementia. Learning how to make your life manageable and maintain your own health and well-being is vital and we’ll give you practical tips that you can use every day. 

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Caryn Bentley from Association of Jewish Refugees

Sue Hinds, Head of Services, Dementia Carers Count

Caryn Bentley, Family Carers Co-ordinator,
The Association of Jewish Refugees

Live online learning

All of our events are free to join but you will need to complete a registration with us. This registration will then enable you to attend the sessions and access the resources which are made available to participants after the event.

We hope you find the resources useful and we look forward to meeting you at these events:




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Virtual Carers Centre

The Virtual Carers Centre is for you if you support or care for someone with dementia. 

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The Association of Jewish Refugees provides social and welfare services to Holocaust refugees and survivors nationwide. About 70,000 refugees, including approximately 10,000 children on the Kindertransport, arrived in Great Britain from Nazi-occupied Europe in the 1930s. Founded in 1941 by Jewish refugees from Central Europe, the AJR today extends membership to anyone who fled a Nazi-occupied country as a Jewish refugee or who arrived in Great Britain as a Holocaust survivor. Relatives are also welcome as members including spouses, children (second-generation), grandchildren (third generation) and so on.

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