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We welcome you to this partnership between Eden Carers and Dementia Carers Count.

Dementia Carers Count provide free courses designed and delivered by healthcare professionals, that will help you develop skills and build confidence to navigate the highs and lows of caring for someone with dementia. Learning how to make your life manageable and maintain your own health and well-being is vital and we’ll give you practical tips that you can use every day. 

Sue Hinds, Head of Services, Dementia Carers Count

Sarah Jewett, Lead Support Worker, Carer Support Eden

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Face to face events

All of our events are free to join but you will need to complete a registration with us. This registration will then enable you to attend the sessions and access the resources which are made available to participants after the event.

We hope you find the resources useful and we look forward to meeting you at these events:


Things to consider when choosing a care home

This ‘Transitions into care’ series explores the issue of deciding to move a friend or family member with dementia into a care home

June 27th
Start 09:30
End 16:30


Carers’ rights and benefits

Find out more about the range of carers’ rights, financial issues and benefits. It also covers the types of assessments and support available.

June 28th
Start 10:00
End 12:00


The brain and dementia

Understanding how dementia affects different parts of the brain is useful, particularly if you are looking after someone with dementia.

June 28th
Start 13:00
End 14:30


Thriving as a carer

An opportunity to think about your wellbeing and develop a range of tools to enhance your resilience.

June 28th
Start 15:00
End 16:30

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Virtual Carers Centre

The Virtual Carers Centre is for you if you support or care for someone with dementia. 

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Eden Carers have experienced Generic Support Coordinators with a wide range of experience in Social Work, Occupational Therapy, and Child, Young Person and Family Support.  

Eden Carers provide information and advice to carers and have a volunteer programme that enables them to provide IT support, a sitting service, craft groups, lunch and coffee hubs; at which carers meet regularly for mutual support.  Young carers can participate in school holiday trips and activities as well as receiving 1:1 support.

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