From time to time we will provide information here about research involvement or participation that we think may be of interest to carers. We will look at the quality and focus of research opportunities before posting them on our site, but we cannot be responsible for the conduct of these study opportunities. Researchers are welcome to email with a summary of their request to post information. Carers can then contact researchers directly to express their interest.


Call for Dementia Carer Volunteers

Theresa Stiles is the daughter of a lady with Alzheimers and lost her father to vascular dementia last year. She is completing a MSc Psychology for graduate status of the British Psychological Society and is now undertaking her dissertation study. Her study, “Gendered Psychological Determinants and age for Resilience and Burnout Amongst Informal Dementia Carers” is focussing on carer resilience. This study has been approved in accordance with the British Psychological Society Ethical Principles for conducting research with Human Participants, and the University of Derby Policy and Code of Practice on Research Ethics on the 14/05/2019. The study does not have a Participant Information Sheet, as all participant information is included in the beginning of the survey before the participant gives their consent, please follow this direct link to the survey.