Jayne Goodrick

Paul Evans
July 21, 2021
July 26, 2023

Jayne Goodrick and Chris Roberts are married and live in Rhuddlan, North Wales. Their business is property management. They spend most of their time speaking to others about their lived experience of dementia, both nationally and internationally. Jayne’s mother has a diagnosis of dementia, small vessel disease, and Chris has a diagnosis of mixed dementia, vascular damage and Alzheimer’s. They both contribute to various social media platforms and online peer support networks. They are Dementia Friends Champions, Ambassadors for the Alzheimer’s Society, Champions for joint dementia research, and Ambassadors for the National Association of Care Caterers, NACC.

Jayne is on the advisory group for ‘tide’ (together in dementia everyday), a dementia carer’s involvement network; the North Wales Dementia Resource Network, BCUHB SBRI committee and Clinical Advisory group, the largest health board in Europe. She speaks on behalf of many carer groups and charities, and supports other PWD to become involved and have their voice heard.

They are both on many working and advisory groups for dementia related networks. They have both made several appearances on national TV and radio including a documentary entitled ‘Living with dementia, Chris’s story’ for BBC Panorama, and they continually strive to change things for the better.

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