What is a Carer Support Plan?

A Carer Support Plan (CSP) is an individualised plan that aims to make life easier for family carers and the person they are supporting. The CSP is not a medical plan and we are unable to review or give advice about medication or other medical matters, or to predict what is likely to happen in the future in terms of changing behaviour or health.

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However we can and do offer strategies for family carers of people living with dementia. The strategies are designed by our team of health care professionals (HCP’s) following an assessment session during which the carer and (ideally) the person living with dementia spend time with the team to formulate the plan which may include one or more of the following strategies for:

  • coping with stress, anxiety or other difficult feelings
  • communicating more meaningfully with the person who has dementia
  • making the environment at home safer
  • responding to changing behaviour
  • assisting with daily activities such as washing, dressing, eating
  • staying active

During the assessment session the carer and the family member living with dementia take part in a number of interviews, activities and assessments with each of our HCP’s (Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist). This enables the team to profile the needs of both the carer and the person living with dementia. While we are piloting CSP’s, the assessment sessions will take place in a comfortable hotel. The sessions start at 10:30 and finish at 3:30. Lunch and refreshments are provided and there will be quiet areas for relaxing at intervals during the day.

After the assessment session, the written CSP will be ready within 2 weeks and emailed to the family carer; one of the team will arrange to call and talk through the plan on the telephone. One final follow up telephone interview will be offered 4-6 weeks later to check on progress, answer any questions and gain feedback from the carer about how the plan has affected life at home.

The feedback we receive during the piloting stage will be used to improve and fine tune our process for providing CSP’s for future carers.

The dates and locations for this are:

  • 29th November 2018 Swindon
  • 5th February 2019 Birmingham
  • 6th February 2019 Swindon
  • 12th March 2019 Birmingham
  • 3rd April 2019 Birmingham

Please get in touch with our team by email support@dementiacarers.org.uk or call us on 0790 909 0987 to find out more and to book.