Experienced health and social care experts

At Dementia Carers Count (DCC) we are a strong team facing forwards with a mission to improve the experience of carers who find themselves supporting a friend or family member living with dementia. We place high importance on ensuring that the advice, guidance, knowledge and information we share with family carers is provided by experienced health and social care professionals. These professionals are governed by a code of ethics and commitment to competence, integrity and the promotion of wellbeing.

Qualified therapists and psychologists

The DCC service delivery team are experts in dementia and family carers and know the sector well. We have a team of trainers who are qualified therapists and psychologists. Furthermore, our trainers are all highly experienced clinicians in occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and clinical psychology and combine their training role with clinical work in NHS memory services, mental health services and the third sector.

Sue Hinds | Head of Services

Lissy Edwards | Dementia Carers Services Practitioner

Helen Moores-Poole | Speech & Language Therapist

Alex Stirling | Speech & Language Therapist

Kate Legg | Occupational Therapist

Lorraine Haining | Dementia Nurse Consultant

Andrew Embling | Wellness Coach & Trainer

Join the community

We are constantly developing and updating our range of remote and online services to ensure that family and friends caring for someone with dementia continue to be well-supported.