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Find more information on our courses below. These courses are currently on hold but we hope to resume our face-to-face courses in the near future.

We believe our courses are unique. You are valuable and important, and we know that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and neglect yourself as you care for someone with dementia. We are here to help and would love to encourage you to take the courageous step of booking onto one of our courses. Someone recently told us that coming on our three-day course was a “life-line” that she desperately needed, just as she was starting to feel that she was “sinking in despair”.

Three-day courses

Our courses are designed and run by healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields. We cover topics that will be beneficial to you for your hands-on caring role and psychological wellbeing. On our three-day courses you will build your knowledge about dementia in a way that will captivate your attention and we will provide practical advice and guidance. Our sessions are designed to help you find new ways to build your resilience so you can survive and grow through the most challenging of times.

During the three days, you will be provided with an invaluable opportunity to spend time with experienced and approachable professionals, to really learn, and to get the information and advice you need for your own unique situation. We ensure there is plenty of time given for you to talk to others in similar situations, so you have opportunities to unburden yourself, form new friendships, reflect and relax.

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Hear what the people who have come on our courses have to say… Meet Sue

Our courses are constantly developing, and we are committed to providing support for specific communities. We will be releasing dates for upcoming courses tailored to different groups, but please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about your particular needs and how we might be able to help.

Measuring and celebrating the effectiveness of our three-day support courses: Sharing the Independent Course Evaluation from University of Worcester

One-day Courses

Our ‘Caring about…’   one-day courses cover specialised subjects in greater depth. Including the topics: eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties, feeling secure in relationships, communicating with someone with dementia and sudden or extreme confusion. These courses run from 10.00 am until 4.30 pm and are designed and delivered by expert healthcare professionals who have experience of supporting people with dementia and their families. We allow plenty of time to find out lots more about the topic and discuss your experiences and the learning with the other people on the course.

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We are constantly developing and updating our range of remote and online services to ensure that family and friends caring for someone with dementia continue to be well-supported.