We believe our courses are unique. You are valuable and important and we know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and neglected as you care for someone with dementia. We’re here to help and would love to encourage you to take the courageous step of booking onto one of our courses. Someone recently told us that coming on our three-day course was a “life-line” that she desperately needed, just as she was starting to feel that she was “sinking in despair”.


Please read the information below that tells you what our courses are all about, and if you would like more information get in touch by emailing us at support@dementiacarers.org.uk or calling us on 0203 0967895. We’re a small team working as sustainably as possible and may not be able to answer your call straight away, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Before I went on the course, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of treacle….now I feel completely different….better able to cope….I definitely do…I needed life skills to make it through each day.


We’re often told by the people that come on our courses that they feel guilty if they consider their own needs, as they think the person with dementia needs all the attention and care. However, we want you to know that caring for yourself isn’t selfish or a ‘waste of time’. It’s absolutely necessary, for two reasons:


You will care better if you take time to re-charge your batteries and build your resilience.


You are a person too and worthy of care, respect and compassion. 


We run a variety of courses to ensure that people in different situations are catered for. Some courses have attendees with a range of needs, whereas others are more tailored for specific groups of people; for example, young onset dementia; adult children and other family relatives; spouses and partners and family carers whose relative has moved into residential care.


We have a mixture of men and women attend our courses and people of all ages, which we find works well. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to get a diagnosis for someone with dementia. Even if there hasn’t yet been a diagnosis, we recognise that you still need support. Therefore, the person you are caring for does not need to have been given a diagnosis of dementia to enable you to attend.



Three-day Courses


We’ll build your knowledge of dementia in a way that will captivate your attention. We’ll support you to find new ways to develop your resilience so you can survive and grow through the most challenging of times. During the three days, you will be provided with an invaluable opportunity to spend time with experienced and approachable professionals, to really learn, and to get the information and advice you need for your own unique situation. You will also have time to talk and share your experiences with people in a similar situation to your own.


Right now, you may be feeling a variety of different emotions. Maybe you feel sad, frightened, angry, anxious, irritable, hopeful, hopeless, frustrated, calm or numb. We often have tears on our courses, but we also have lots of laughter. We want you to know that however you feel, you will be accepted and not judged. As you get to know the others on the course, we hope you will feel a sense of connection and belonging as you quickly find that others ‘get it’ and you can speak openly and honestly about how you feel. You can also ask questions and hopefully get lots of information that will help you to understand a bit more about what is going on, and what might help.



I came on this Carers course with an open mind and no expectations…I arrived knowing no one and mentally struggling a wee bit but have left having learnt so much and with bonds that will be lifelong. This is all thanks to the work of Dementia Carers Count…who provide hope, direction and empowerment for those who need it. And they damn well delivered; thank you so much.


One-day Courses


Our ‘Caring about…’   one-day courses cover specialised subjects in greater depth. Including the topics: eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties; feeling secure in relationships; communicating with someone with dementia; and choosing the right care home. These courses run from 10.00 am until 4.30 pm and are free to attend with lunch provided. Our one-day courses are designed and delivered by expert healthcare professionals who have experience of supporting people with dementia and their families. We allow plenty of time to find out lots more about the topic and discuss your experiences and the learning with the other people on the course.


Please use the links below to find more information on each of our one-day courses

Caring about Mealtimes & Swallowing

Caring about Relationships and Feeling Secure

Caring about Communication & Staying Connected

Caring about Guilt, Grief and Loss

Caring about White Lies, Half-Truths & Telling it Like it is

Caring about Sudden or Extreme Confusion (Delirium)

Caring about Managing Agitation & Behaviours that Challenge

Caring about How to Survive and Thrive One-Day Refresher (for people that have previously attended our three-day course)