Information about our Support Courses


If you are supporting a family member, spouse or friend with dementia then our courses are designed with you in mind. Dementia Carers Count’s vision is that all family carers of people with dementia will feel confident, valued and heard.


We offer a variety of courses designed and run by health care professionals who are experts in their fields. We believe our courses are beneficial to you for your hands-on caring role and psychological well-being. We offer a three-day residential course which will build your knowledge about dementia in a way that will captivate your attention and provide practical advice and guidance. Our psychologist-led sessions will also help you develop your resilience so you can survive and grow through the most challenging of times.


As a charity we do not make a profit. We are fortunate to have reserves from the sale of the assets of our previous charity (we used to own care homes) to invest in the development and start-up costs of our new services. It costs the charity £650 per carer to deliver the course, including food and accommodation. Therefore, we invite course participants to donate to the charity on completion of the course, if they are able to. All donations, big or small, make such a difference.

Donation forms will be provided at our courses. You can also donate using the donate button at the top right corner of this web page.


We also run a selection of one-day ‘Caring about…’ courses which cover specialised subjects such as eating, drinking or swallowing difficulties, feeling secure in relationships and choosing the right care home.


Not everyone loves a ‘class-room’ environment, so if this is you, please don’t let that put you off! We understand that family carers who come on our courses come to find answers and solutions. We also appreciate that you have limited time and lots of priorities so we will respect that and aim to ensure you get the maximum benefit from attending. Carers often tell us that they feel isolated, but we know that these three days will give you the opportunity to form new relationships and be surrounded by other people who ‘get it’. We ensure there is plenty of time given for you to talk to others in similar situations, so you have opportunities to unburden yourself, form new friendships, reflect and relax.


As someone told us recently,

Thank you so much. Your course was actually life-changing!

We can’t think of a better advert that that!


If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please book on, via the website or email or call us on 0203 0967895.