The legs of many marathon runners.

1. Participation and Sponsorship

1.1 You will need to be at least 17 years old on the day of the race (3 April 2023)

1.2 Money is to be raised exclusively for Dementia Carers Count

1.3 Dementia Carers Count charity place holders have a £350 minimum sponsorship. We have a fundraising team ready to help you to reach this goal

1.3. You will need to complete the charity console when you have been requested to do so by Dementia Carers Count. This will be your official registration into LLHM 2023. if you do not complete the console before the deadline in February 2023, you will not be able to take part in the race

2.   Health and Safety

2.1 You are taking part in the event at your own risk. If you have any existing medical conditions or concerns about your health, you should get a doctor’s opinion with whether to take part

2.2 You are prohibited to swap or sell your race number. By exchanging or selling your race number, medical staff would not have the correct information for the person taking part and could result in devastating consequences

3. Cancellations and withdrawals

3.1 If you are a Dementia Carers Count charity place holder and withdraw from the London Landmarks Half Marathon after the event console has closed in February 2023, you will be asked to pay an administration fee of £100. This is so Dementia Carers Count do not lose any money, as these places have been paid for by Dementia Carers Count and cannot be transferred into next year

3.2. Participants who wish to withdraw from the event should inform Dementia Carers Count in writing as soon as possible and all sponsorship money collected needs to be sent to Dementia Carers Count. Sponsorship money can be refunded at the request of the sponsors, but this would need to be requested by the sponsors within one month of the written withdrawal

3.3.  Dementia Carers Count has the right to reject participation of anyone who does not represent the charity in a suitable way. This can be behaviour that is deemed dangerous, threatening, illegal or unsafe

4. Images and footage

4.1.  By taking part you are agreeing for Dementia Carers Count to use any photo or video footage taken at the event for our website and other electronic or printed materials produced by us. We will never give out our photographs or filming for use by any third party not representing us without further permission.

We will share any photos taken from the event with all our participants following the event.