The legs of many marathon runners.

On the 2nd April 2023, my sister (Liz) and I (Helen) will be taking on the London Landmarks half-marathon. 

We are running for Dementia Carers Count, a fantastic charity which focuses on the family and friends caring for someone with dementia. Dementia Carers Count provides support, information and tailored courses delivered by healthcare professionals to help anyone caring for someone with dementia develop the skills and confidence they need to help them navigate the highs and lows of caring.

And we are running for our Mum and Dad.  

The 2nd of April is our mum’s birthday. Sadly, Mum has late-stage dementia, and until he died very suddenly in 2018 my dad was her main carer. 

Photograph of Helen and her sister in Dementia Carers Count running vests.

For some bumpy years before and after mum finally got her diagnosis, Dad tried to look after Mum, while constantly adapting to the ever-changing new normal. We’re a very close family and we all did what we could, but even with a growing network of friends and family stepping in to help, we struggled to find the support and information that we so very much needed. 

If we’d come across about Dementia Carers Count at that time, I know we would have all felt more equipped to cope, be better able to support Dad and care for Mum.

Mum is now in a wonderful care home, being very well looked after which is a huge relief but we know there are so many more families and friends out there facing the ongoing struggle of caring for someone with dementia. 

We are running so that we can try to improve the experiences of people caring for someone with dementia. If we can help families avoid some of the stress and difficulties that we have gone through over the past nearly 10 years, then every step, (and every blister!) will be worth it.