We have fundraising resources to help you reach your goals, and we have more on the way too, so please keep returning to this page to see our new resources.

You can also keep updated with our fundraising news by joining our Dementia Carers Count Fundraising Facebook group.

To receive a Fundraising Letter of Authority, please email fundraising@dementiacarers.org.uk and we can sort one for you. The letter can be used to approach local businesses to acquire prizes for your fundraiser, such as for raffles, quizzes, sweepstakes and more.

Extra tip: Ask your employer if they do matched funding – this can DOUBLE your fundraising!

Don’t forget to create a JustGiving page or similar to help boost your fundraising. The donations automatically come to us, and the page can be shared on your social media, Whatsapp, over email and appear on resources like a fundraising poster!