Over 1300 dementia carers told us in our recent survey that they were feeling forgotten, scared of what is to come and struggling to cope. Nine in ten carers are reaching crisis.

With our report, “Invisible”, we want to make sure decision makers across the UK finally pay attention to dementia carers.

Can you help us?

We will be taking our recommendations to decision makers to let them know what needs to change and encourage them to speak up for dementia carers.

Your political representatives are always more likely to act when they hear from their constituents, and this is where you come in!

Please email our report to your MP and ask them to raise the challenges facing dementia carers in Parliament.

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can find out at TheyWorkForYou or let us know your name and postcode and we can find that out for you.

Whether you are a current dementia carer, have cared for someone with dementia or simply believe carers should be better supported please tell decision makers why this matters to you.

We will help make sure your MP knows that this is an issue you care about.

Together we can make sure dementia carers are no longer invisible.