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Ben Budd

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Firstly, it is good to hear that your mother is thriving in her care home and that you and your husband are feeling the benefit. But I am sorry you have this huge worry about how her financial assessment may include the value of her share of your home.

This is a difficult query to answer because it involves a Local Authority using its discretion. By definition, discretion is a choice; the Local Authority have to balance the interests of those sharing a property, their only home into which they have put much money and labour, not to mention emotional investment, with the interests of the tax payers not to maintain individual assets at public expense, when social care budgets are stretched to the limits. The panel will be considering the length of time someone has lived in the property, the care they have given to the person now in residential care, the money invested, other opportunities let go because of giving care and other factors. It will come down to the facts in this particular case.

You may find professional help through one of the organisations listed below: these should all be able to find you a local adviser who knows about the intricacies of the charging for care regulations.

Getting professional care fees advice (payingforcare.org)

Society of Later Life Advisers – SOLLA

Solicitors for the Elderly | SFE