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Katy Evans

Christmas can be such a difficult time when you are caring for someone with dementia and you need to ensure you look after yourself. There is useful information on our blog to help you prepare for the festive season

If you’re not feeling particularly festive that’s not a surprise, as Christmas can feel like just one more stressful thing you have to deal with as a carer. We have some useful tips to help you cope over the Christmas period.

Supporting someone living in a care home can be a particularly difficult time, particularly with current covid concerns. Ensuring you can maintain regular contact and spend ‘quality’ time together is challenging at this time. Connection can be many things and finding ways of making this work for you and the person with dementia is individual. Care homes need to ensure that they can facilitate and support communication wherever and however possible.

If you do feel that you’re struggling over Christmas, the Virtual Carers Centre has a range of advice and information to support you. We also offer a range of free live online learning sessions on a wide range of topics. The sessions are led by one of our expert practitioners and there is time built in to reflect, ask questions and for carers to relate the information to their own situation. You can find out more about our live online learning sessions and book a place.

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