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Katy Evans

Hello, thankyou for your post and for sharing with the forum.
Care Homes have been some of the hardest hit places since the start of the pandemic. With the most vulnerable living in care homes, its been necessary for care homes to take guidance from Public Health on all matters with weekly testing for all residents and staff which determine if an individual home needs to ‘close’ to visitors.
That being said, the ongoing situation in care homes is a matter of concern affecting so many families and residents.
Each individual care home should have individual plans for their residents as to how they maintain contact with their families. For some, this may be phonecalls, outside visits (where appropriate), letters, and for others, technology. Where communication is a barrier, a lot of homes appoint a keyworker for the resident so that families can maintain contact and ensure they can stay connected.
Does anyone else have any useful tips/suggestions on contact in care homes and what may have helped them during these difficult times? Kind Regards, Dementia Carers Count