If you want to ensure that you’re doing the best you can for those in your workforce who care for someone with dementia, we can assist you. We will be happy to advise on how you could help your employees to attend our courses. Get in touch with us:


Phone: 0203 096 7894

Email: support@dementiacarers.org.uk


Additional resources:


Employers for Carers also offers practical advice and support for employers seeking to develop carer friendly policy and practice and retain skilled workers.


“Carer Confident” was launched by Employers for Carers at their 10th Anniversary event.  Carer Confident is a benchmarking scheme which supports employers to build a positive and inclusive workplace for staff who are, or will become, carers and to make the most of the talents that carers can bring to the workforce.


The Dementia Engagement and Employment Project: guides for organisations and communities


Read more about the juggling act that is working while caring for a family member with dementia.