The personal experience of providing support and care for persons with dementia is very individual and dependent on many factors. The range and quality of interventions that carers need and find available in their locality also varies considerably.

We are enormously grateful to the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, for producing this comprehensive and incisive review of the literature currently available that examines the experiences and needs of carers and the evidence of outcomes produced from a wide range of interventions.

This literature review is a crucial step in helping us understand how we can best go about supporting carers. We are using this evidence as a springboard for developing our service offer to carers.

DCC, in partnership with ADS Worcester University, offer the evidence contained within this document to commissioners and providers across all sectors of care and health services to enable the continual improvement of their support to carers of people with dementia.

Download the full report here:

2016 Literature Review – experiences, needs and outcomes for carers of people with dementia