Prize Draw

Dementia Carers Count would like to thank Medpage / Easylink for their kind donation to the Free Prize Draw 2022.

Medpage T/A Easylink UK have supplied assistive care technologies (Telecare) for over 30 years and has invested continuously in product development resulting in the production of several products including their dementia care range, communication, home, and personal safety products. Medpage products are user and carer friendly requiring no professional installation.

Mike Dines, Managing Director of Medpage commented ‘the personalised approach by Dementia Carers Count to give friendly and professional advice gives real support to families and friends of those caring for someone with dementia and I’m delighted to be able to support them’.

The winner will receive a MemRabel 3 touch screen memory prompting alarm clock and an MMFA66 GPS Location Tracker Watch with Fall Detection, together worth over £230!

MemRabel 3

The screen of the Memrabel 3 displaying the message 'Your healthcare lady is visiting today. Please listen out for the doorbell and let her in

The Memrabel 3 is a multimedia alarm clock. The Memrabel will display the time like a normal clock, and there are options for which clock display you prefer. You can easily set alarms to go off at certain times and intervals i.e. Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly. When the alarm time is reached, the Memrabel 3 will display high quality multimedia content on its full HD screen. This could be a video, some audio or an image.

Using the Memrabel Dashboard , you can easily send a text message that will come up on the screen at the time you select, for example ‘Hi Mum, I shall be round at 2pm’.

GPS Watch

An image of a black watch displaying a digital clock

The MMFA66 is a high-definition large screen Smartwatch. A carer/guardian can monitor the users location, blood pressure, heart rate, and daily physical activity via the secure Smartphone APP (Android & iOS). The fall sensor is particularly useful for people with epilepsy while away from home. A detected fall is reported to a guardian via the Smartphone APP, along with precise mapping location.

  • A new Smartphone GPS location tracking watch with telephone functions
  • Adjustable sensitivity fall sensor with SOS location to guardian
  • 7-10 Day battery life with recharge warning to guardian phone
  • Medication/event reminders – Send & receive text messages

T’s & C’s

The closing date for entries will be midnight, 15 July 2022. Postal entries will be accepted until 20 July 2022.

The draw will take place on 25 July.

For more information please see the competition guidelines.