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Young Onset Dementia Carer Support Course

11 - 13 November 2019
11:00am - 3:30pm
The Eaton Hotel, 279 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 9NB   View map


Our Young Onset Dementia Carer Support Course is designed for friends and family of people who have been diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65 years.

The course will look at some of the rarer types of dementia that are more common in younger people, for example Frontotemporal dementia and Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA). You will have the opportunity to learn more about how these different types of dementia affect the brain and the person’s behaviour.   We explore different ways to further support the person you are caring for, for example by making small adaptations to your behaviour and/or the physical and social environment. There will also be a strong focus on how you can build on and develop your own resilience, in order to help increase your well-being and confidence in your caring role.

This 3-day course is free including accommodation and meals.  Our courses are funded by donations – please let us know if you would like more information about supporting our work.