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Caring About Choosing the Right Care Home

19 November 2019
10:00am - 4:30pm
The Eaton Hotel, 279 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 9NB   View map


Are you looking after or helping to look after a partner, friend or family member with dementia? If you’re not sure that the time has come to move to a care home this one-day course can help you make an informed decision for your current situation or the future.

Many people with dementia stay at home with support from family members and friends. However, the needs of the person with dementia can become more complex and too demanding for friends and family members to manage alone. When this time comes it can be stressful and worrying. Even if it’s something you never wanted to consider, the best thing for everyone may be moving the person with dementia to a care home.

The prospect of moving a family member or friend into a care home can be a stressful and emotional experience. That’s why we’re offering a practical and empowering one-day course to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

We will provide information about options for different types of care, advice on how decisions to move into residential care can be made, how to choose the right care home, and how to look after your needs and the needs of the person with dementia during the transfer.

As a charity we do not make a profit. We are fortunate to have had reserves from the sale of the assets of our previous charity (we used to own care homes) to invest in the development and start-up costs of our new services. It costs the charity £125 per carer to deliver our one day courses, including lunch. Therefore, we invite course participants to donate to the charity on completion of the course, if they are able to. All donations, big or small, make such a difference.

Donation forms will be provided at our courses. You can also donate using the donate button at the top right corner of this web page.