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Ben Budd
January 24, 2022
January 25, 2022

The darker days of January are often when we confront some of those items that have been on our to-do lists for a while. Writing a will is often a task hiding somewhere towards the bottom of the list!

In the past writing a will has been a slow, expensive and inconvenient process that usually involves seeing a solicitor. For someone looking after a friend or family member with dementia, there often simply isn’t time for that. 

Dementia Carers Count has partnered with trusted will writing providers Farewill to offer you the chance to write your will for free. Write your will in 15 minutes with the UK’s number one will writer. On chat, email and phone seven days a week to help answer all your questions.

By making a will with Farewill –  after you take care of your loved ones – you might consider leaving a specific gift or a percentage of whatever is left to help Dementia Carers Count support more family carers of people with dementia. However, please be sure, there is no obligation to donate to Dementia Carers Count when you take up this free offer.

A gift in your will could help someone like Mah

Your gift can help people like Mah Rana access services like our free courses. Mah helped care for her mum with Alzheimer’s and went on one of our courses when she felt she wasn’t coping as well as she had done in the past.

On the impact the course had, she says:

 before I went on the Dementia Carers Count course I was tired and exhausted all the time. I began to have panic attacks – these disappeared after I did the course! I can honestly say it absolutely changed my life… It’s given me strength to do all the things I need to do.’

A gift in your will could help more people like Mah attend our expert led courses and develop resilience to help them care for themselves as well as their loved one with dementia.

The legacy of Margaret Head

We were honoured to receive an incredibly generous legacy donation from Margaret Head. Margaret’s friends, Mr & Mrs Oliver, knew her for over 24 years and shared the following story.

Margaret, who liked to be known as Meg, came from Devon and worked as a teacher. She enjoyed walking, swimming and the outdoors. Her love for all creatures, great and small, was always apparent, and she had a pet Siamese cat.

Her father was the head of the Christian Science Church in Plymouth, Devon. When her mother was diagnosed with dementia, he cared for her at home.

Later in life, Meg developed dementia and eventually moved to a care home in Godalming. Meg was an only child and did not have any surviving relatives. She decided to leave her estate to Dementia Carers Count and the Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust, two causes very close to her heart. 

When her father passed away, Meg scattered his ashes in Newton Ferrers. Surrounded by ancient woodland and creeks, the village sits on the banks of the beautiful Yealm estuary. It’s a hidden gem packed with wildlife and has a secret, tranquil atmosphere. Mr and Mrs Oliver will respond to Meg’s last wishes and scatter her ashes near her father in Newton Ferrers.

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