World Lewy Body Day 2024
January 28, 2024
January 19, 2024

The 28th January 2024 is World Lewy Body Day.

This date was chosen as it is the birthday of German neurologist, Dr Frederich Lewy, who made the discovery of abnormal protein deposits that disrupt the brain’s normal functioning in people with Parkinson’s disease, now called “Lewy bodies.”

Although less well-known than Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Lewy body dementia is far from a rare disorder, and is actually one of the most common forms of dementia, with approximately 125,000 people living with the condition in the United Kingdom.


Symptoms of Lewy body dementia can vary from person to person, but people can experience:

• Changes in memory, concentration, and judgement

• Fluctuation in symptoms throughout the day and from day to day

• Sleep disturbance: excessive daytime drowsiness and REM sleep disorder

• Hallucinations & Delusions and difficulties interpreting visual information

• Depression/irritability/mood swings

• Possible Motor/Movement changes

• Physical changes affecting the bodily functions (Bladder, bowel, heart)

Lewy Buddies

Esther Boyd cared for her husband who was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia in 2011. It took them 5 years to meet another couple living with the disorder. Esther set up Lewy Buddies UK, after her husband’s death in 2019, to provide peer support for people living with Lewy body dementia​, and later co-founded the Lewy Buddy Support Network UK, a community-led organisation aiming to help people navigate the challenges that Lewy body dementia can bring.

In this step-by-step presentation, Esther provides information about Lewy body disorders, for people who are caring for family members or friends:

*Click here to watch the presentation in Full HD

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