Take part in our 2022 carer survey

Ben Budd
July 26, 2022
July 26, 2022

We know that support for family dementia carers simply isn’t good enough. We would like to hear from you what needs to change.

Please complete our annual survey and tell us what you think


Why are we asking you to do this?

Dementia Carers Count exists for family dementia carers and the results of this survey will help us develop our services for carers. 

But we know what we can offer is only part of the picture. What you tell us in this survey will also inform our policy and campaigning work, to make sure that together we can call on the government to make the positive changes that family carers need. 

The second NHS

Most family carers will not have chosen to become a carer or even see themselves in this way, but find that, as well as being a wife or husband, sibling or child, friend or neighbour, they have become a carer. Many take on situations they may never have considered or feel ill equipped to cope with and do all of this with little or no support.

Most carers say that they do what they do out of love, commitment or family loyalty. But as they struggle to recognise, or be recognised for, their caring role, they can be unaware of the support to which they are entitled. Even when seeking help they can be overlooked and often feel abandoned. 

However, wider society has a part to play in supporting its more vulnerable members. Our health and social care systems as well as local community resources must back up  the care that family and friends offer., and recognise that the whole of society benefits from the vital work taken on by family carers. 

Dementia Carers Count believes that all family carers should be able to access what they need when they need it. Particularly given the contribution of carers saves the United Kingdom the equivalent of a second NHS.

Recognising carers’ rights

With the Care Act 2014, carers were, for the first time, recognised in law in the same way as those they care for and given the same recognition, respect and parity of esteem. However, this is still not the experience for too many carers. 

Carers are entitled to carer’s assessments, local carers’ services, rights at work and welfare benefits. 

The Government must ensure the ambitions of the Care Act 2014 underpin efforts to improve the family carer’s role and ensure family carers are truly acknowledged and valued as expert partners in care.

Making family dementia carers truly count

The Government must prioritise dementia family care. More clarity and better access is needed to personalised financial, emotional and practical everyday support. Family carers must receive the quality tailored, ongoing support they need. 

What you tell us in this survey will help us raise family carers’ voices in parliament and nationally. Together we can make dementia carers truly count. 

We are in this together.

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