Our response to the Adult Social Care Committee’s Report

Ben Budd
December 8, 2022
December 8, 2022

Melanie Blanksby, Dementia Carers Count CEO said: “We welcome the recommendations of the House of Lord’s Social Care Committee’s report ‘A “gloriously ordinary life”: Spotlight on adult social care.’ The Committee recognises the urgent need for a long term sustainable approach to care which includes valuing and resourcing a skilled workforce as well as providing better care and flexible support for unpaid family carers. 

“The Committee believes that our adult social care system should not “rely on the expectation that families will provide unpaid care and support for each other.” Our research indicates that over 80% of carers for people with dementia feel that they have had no choice but to provide the care needed for a family member. Over half receive no support and many tell us that they don’t know how to access any help. This is leading to many dementia carers reaching crisis, one in five on a regular basis.

“The Committee has acknowledged that unpaid carers are at breaking point. The challenge now is to address this and provide carers with the individual support they need to cope. Better financial compensation, access to short breaks and more flexibility for carers to juggle their work and caring duties is part of this. There must also be a focus on tailored emotional support and making sure families have a clear point of contact to ask for help and to find out what support is available and are able to choose the support that is right for them.”

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