Our response to the 2023 Spring Budget

Ben Budd
March 15, 2023
March 15, 2023

Melanie Blanksby, Chief Executive of Dementia Carers Count said:

“Today, the Chancellor has set out proposals for improving our economy and detailed ways in which people who have left the workplace will be supported to return.

“We know that many people caring for someone with dementia would like to be able to continue to work. However, many find combining caring responsibilities with work an impossible juggle. Our research shows that nearly half of family dementia carers who were in paid employment when they became a carer, have had to either give up their job (28%) to care or reduce their hours (21%).

“There is much more to be done to enable carers to work flexibly if they would like to do so. They urgently need the right support in place to meet their needs and enable them to manage their caring responsibilities. The five million individuals who are propping up our under-valued and under-resourced social care system deserve appropriate recognition but they did not get a mention in today’s Budget. 

Let’s not forget the huge contribution individuals across the country are making every day through caring.”

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