NHS and Social Care Workforce Needs Cannot Be Addressed in Isolation

Ben Budd
June 30, 2023
June 30, 2023

Dementia Carers Count Statement, 30 June 2023

Frances Lawrence, CEO Dementia Carers Count said: “Greater investment in developing and recruiting NHS staff is to be welcomed. However, we cannot resolve NHS workforce needs without addressing the unprecedented and growing number of vacancies in social care. We urgently need a skilled and adequately resourced and remunerated social care workforce.

“Unpaid carers are at breaking point and yet we rely on them to provide a huge amount of care and support. Indeed, the economic value of the care provided by unpaid carers is worth the equivalent of a second NHS in England and Wales. This is not sustainable. Far too often, unpaid carers neglect their own physical and emotional health care needs which means that they become unwell and there is then greater pressure on the NHS. If carers can access the support that they so desperately need through social care services, then this will help them to maintain their own well-being.”

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