National Dementia Carers Day 2022

Ben Budd
September 12, 2022
June 15, 2023

Monday (12 September) is the seventh National Dementia Carers Day in recognition of all of the remarkable family carers, neighbours and friends who selflessly support those living with dementia.

Around the UK there are many “unsung heroes” who are caring for people living with dementia. That  is why the National Dementia Carers Day was established by SweetTree Home Care Services and Alzheimer’s Society to celebrate all they do. Dementia Carers Count is proud to support this initiative. 

We understand that caring impacts on all aspects of life, from relationships and health to finances and work and this year is proving to be more challenging than ever. 

Most family carers will not have chosen to become a carer or even see themselves in this way, but find that, as well as being a wife or husband, sibling or child, friend or neighbour, they have become a carer. Many take on situations they may never have considered or feel ill equipped to cope with and do all of this with little or no support.

Carers often say that they do what they do out of love, commitment or family loyalty but they can be often overlooked and often feel abandoned. 

Steve Dubbins, Director of Services at Dementia Carers Count says: 

“It is essential that the vital work of dementia carers is recognised and supported. Over 80% of carers who responded to our recent survey had reached crisis point at least once.

Today we will launch a new telephone support service available Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm. Phone 0800 652 1102. We also offer online and face-to-face support sessions to help carers cope and take care of themselves.

We are pleased to once again support National Dementia Carers Day and work with SweetTree to help make sure the important work of dementia carers is recognised. We also want to let carers know that support is available.”


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