Lunch & Listen live events
August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022

We know that for many carers ‘information overload’ is a real problem.

Recently, we launched our brand new ‘Lunch & Listen’ events, and through these live sessions we aim to breakdown various aspects of dementia into bite-size chunks, allowing carers to fully process the information in front of them.

A variety of guests will feature throughout the series ranging from experienced health professionals to ex-footballers, to authors and other family carers, each with their own unique experience of dementia.

By adopting a relaxed approach to the way in which the shows are delivered, we hope it enables carers to tune in and take the opportunity to get support in a ‘lighter’ and more informal environment than they may be used to.


We decided that our Facebook page would be a great platform to host the Lunch & Listen events. This allows carers to watch the sessions live and offers viewers an opportunity to engage with the show host and guests by asking questions or leaving comments, should they wish to.


The Lunch & Listen events take place on Thursday’s at 12.30pm and run for half an hour. However, if this time is unsuitable, a video of the event will be available to watch at a more convenient time for the carer.

Coming up

We have a full schedule for September, covering a range of different topics:

Thursday 1st September – ‘Let’s talk about grief’ with Dr Gemima Fitzgerald

Grief is an emotion that nearly everybody goes through at some point in their lives. Despite this, it can be very difficult to predict how we might react to a loss, as it is a very individual process. In this event we will discuss:

Thursday 8th September – ‘United’ with Gina Awad and Tony Husband

This event will focus on the book “United” by author Gina Awad and illustrator Tony Husband, in which they beautifully capture and describe real life tales of people living with dementia.

Thursday 15th September – ‘Reaching crisis’

In this event we will be looking at crisis point and why we feel the way we do. We also want to know what we can do to support you.

Thursday 22nd September – ‘Dealing with daily needs’

Assisting the person you care for with dementia can be difficult as they slowly become less able to take care of themselves. In this event our health and care professionals will talk through general considerations of personal care and answer your questions.

Thursday 29th September – ‘Visual tools’

People living with dementia often process visual stories and information better than verbal communication? This event will give carers the opportunity to learn more about visual tools such as storyboards to support someone with dementia

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