Launching our community engagement programme

Michael Sadler-Czarnomska
January 29, 2020
December 7, 2021

A hello from our Community Engagement Officer



“Hi, I am Yael, DCC’s Community Engagement Officer.

As part of DCC’s communications and marketing team, I work to raise the profile of our charity, endeavouring to reach carers who don’t know about us, all over the UK.

I visit hospitals, carers’ hubs, community groups and any businesses interested in hearing more about our services.

I represent DCC at various events around the UK, answering questions about how we can help family and friends looking after someone with dementia, explaining how employers can support those looking after someone with dementia, giving presentations about our work and managing our stand at events and shows.

I regularly meet with our Ambassador team, keeping them in the loop and up to date on any of our new services – sharing information but also listening to their stories and new ideas. I am also the person to ask if you would like to become an Ambassador – we don’t need much time from you, and everyone can help in different ways; just sharing our leaflets is a huge help.

I work with our Carers Advisory Panel (CAP), convening its meetings and working with the group on how we can expand our reach and develop our services.

As our plans develop for our own DCC centre in the Midlands, I will be spreading the word and building relationships with communities in the surrounding area.”


If you would like contact Yael to find out more about DCC’s work please email or call her on 07775 517513.

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