John Stiles shares his experience of caring for his father, Nobby Stiles
June 19, 2022
June 17, 2022
“It is such a nightmare. You’re in the dark. It’s like you’re dropped in a big black ocean, and not just you…you’re watching your family struggling to stay afloat and not be washed away by it all.”


To commemorate Father’s Day, we’re sharing our podcast with John Stiles about his family’s experience of caring for his father, the legendary footballer Nobby Stiles, who died in 2020 with advanced dementia.


John is a former footballer turned comedian and an ardent supporter of Dementia Carers Count. In this podcast, he shared heart-warming tales from his childhood and spoke about his relationship with his father – the moments he cherished and the heavier stuff too.


Here’s a preview from John’s podcast:


Follow this link to listen to John’s story on Apple, Breaker, Spotify, Google, Radio Republic or Pocket Casts.


John Stiles (pictured above)


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