Face to face services are back in Brent

Ben Budd
April 13, 2022
October 24, 2022

After so much disruption, we have been delighted to resume some face-to-face contact with carers.  Our London-based practitioner was invited to meet family carers at a community centre and dementia lounge in Brent and as a result has run some dementia sessions specifically for those who are caring for a friend or family member with dementia. These sessions ran up to 1.5 hrs and focused on the following:

There was time for questions and discussions throughout and people really valued being able to share their experiences with each other. At Dementia Carers Count we have practitioners scattered in different parts of the UK and we are committed, as much as we can, to come to you, rather than you come to us.  So if you would like to talk to us about what sessions we could provide for your local dementia carers group please get in touch on support@dementiacarers.org.uk or 0203 5700 710.  If we don’t have local practitioners then we can always provide virtual sessions. 

Here is what people thought of the sessions in Brent:

Great to share personal experiences instead of feeling alone.”

It is so important to think about your own wellbeing as well as those being cared for.”

Definitely felt comfortable sharing and listening to others.”

Very helpful introduction to a world not so familiar, by professionals who were thorough, and very sensitive to our fears and mood!  Thank you.

Great to learn about how the brain deteriorates due to dementia.”

My take home message is I am not alone.  There is help available.”

I would love to attend more courses by both of you.  I felt very comfortable talking to both of you. I felt a lot of compassion from both of you. THANK YOU BOTH.”

I have to take this opportunity to thank you for your programme of training for our Brent Carers. Very rarely have I heard so many positive genuine comments from those attending with one person telling me that the programme has changed her life in terms of now having a better understanding of how her partner is affected by dementia, and how she can change her perspective and ways of supporting him. All the carers attending so far are so impressed by you and your colleague and the content of the sessions. Believe me, we have not had this quality of carer support in Brent for a very long time, and long may it continue. We are so lucky to have DCC here in Brent. We believe that if we can support the carer then they will fare so much better in caring for their loved one.

Danny Maher, CEO of Ashford Place, Brent

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