Dementia Carers Count Response to Autumn Statement 2023

Ben Budd
November 22, 2023
November 22, 2023

Frances Lawrence, CEO, Dementia Carers Count said: “We welcome the commitment of funds to support the development of new dementia treatments. However, with nine in ten dementia carers telling us that they are reaching crisis points, and a third describing their emotional health as bad or very bad, additional funding is urgently needed to relieve pressure on carers who are struggling with their caring responsibilities. 

“Greater investment in social care is vital so that services have the workforce and resources to offer timely and tailored support to family carers. Most dementia carers feel invisible. Just under half have had a carer’s assessment and over a third of carers who have had an assessment have not been subsequently given a support plan. Those who have been offered support describe the options as “limited” and “inappropriate”, with a lack of adequate respite provision being a key barrier. 

“Unpaid carers continue to save our economy millions every day, but at great personal cost. As the physical and mental health of carers deteriorates, pressures will grow on health and social care services. There will be a double whammy of dementia carers and those they are caring for becoming reliant on services which are already overstretched and under-resourced. Not taking action now to mitigate against this through ring-fenced investment in social care is short-sighted. Sadly, many more dementia carers and families will be in crisis before new treatments for dementia are found.”

The Autumn Statement 2023 included an announcement of up to £20 million of life sciences funding to launch the first Clinical Trial Delivery Accelerator focused on dementia. (See section 4.83)

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