Dementia Action Week Campaign 2024
May 13, 2024
May 14, 2024

This Dementia Action Week, we invite people to let dementia carers know that they are not alone.

We know all too well that many dementia carers are struggling to cope. Even when you are caring for someone you love, it can be very challenging to manage your caring responsibilities without any practical or emotional support. Too many carers are being pushed to breaking point as they feel overwhelmed and alone. Our research has shown that nine in ten carers are reaching crisis. They didn’t sign up for this.

Our Dementia Action Week campaign enables you to pledge your support for dementia carers. Together, we can let carers know that we believe that:

No carer should feel overwhelmed or alone and that all dementia carers deserve emotional and practical support which meets their needs.

We are campaigning for changes to health and social care policy that will ensure that carers receive more support. By signing our pledge, you are showing solidarity with carers and helping us demonstrate to policy and decision makers the strength of feeling behind the need for improved support for carers. As we approach a general election, we want support for dementia carers to be a top priority for all Parliamentary candidates.

While we campaign for future changes, we are also here to help anyone caring for someone with dementia today. Our caring team of specialists support people with confidential advice and guidance on practical, emotional and financial issues. Our free Carer Support Line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0800 652 1102. A single call can make all the difference.

Emma’s* Story

Sisters Emma and Sarah have struggled to care for their dad, who has frontotemporal dementia and alcohol-related brain damage. With young families of their own, it’s been hard to manage all their caring responsibilities. Their dad’s behaviour has changed enormously over the past few years. It now isn’t safe for him to be on his own. The sisters have been pushed to their limits. Every conversation with a health and social care professional to try to manage their dad’s care has felt like a never-ending battle.

Confidential advice

Emma called our Carer Support Line for some confidential advice. This first call was the start of an invaluable relationship with our expert team, who have provided information, advice, emotional support and direct advocacy for Emma and her family:

“When I first contacted Dementia Carers Count, I was on the brink of being in crisis. I was incredibly anxious and felt like I didn’t have a grip on all that was happening. After being in touch with the team, I could breathe again. I felt validated. Someone actually listened to me and took me seriously. Not only that, they went on to support my sister and I to get the right care for dad, whilst giving us the emotional support that we desperately needed.

Campaign image for Dementia Action Week Campaign: close up of a a young woman with dark hair staring into the camera overlaid with the heading 'I didn't sign up for this' and text 'Pledge your support to show carers they're not alone'

Lives changed

“Our lives changed the day we called Dementia Carers Count. The team’s support has been amazing. We have felt heard and understood in truly awful times. Katy has helped us to understand our dad’s behaviours. She’s also had the knowledge and expertise to guide my sister and I through difficult conversations with professionals involved in caring for our dad. She’s advocated for us and it has made a world of difference to feel like we have someone on our side. Our challenges continue, there’s no let up from the remote support we have to provide every single day, but we know we are not alone.”

If you know someone who is a dementia carer – please pass on our number 0800 652 1102 to them. We’re here for any practical and emotional support they might need. We want to reach people before they reach breaking-point.

*Names changed to protect identity

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