4 things you only know if you’re a volunteer

Ben Budd
February 19, 2023
February 20, 2023

Volunteering for a cause you care about can be an incredibly rewarding task. Each volunteer has a unique experience that has led them to their chosen charity, but they’re often connected by a personal bond. As a volunteer, you can get involved with a cause you really care about, meet great people and get involved in life-changing work.

1. You’ll meet some great people

As a volunteer for Dementia Carers Count, you’ll meet people who care about the same thing you do, in places you never expected to. You can use your role as a volunteer to speak to local groups in your community, at WI, at church events and to carers groups about our cause and the work we do to strengthen the knowledge and resilience of carers. You can be a point of reference and a source of knowledge for anyone caring for someone with dementia, and you’ll make friends for life in the process.

2. Your work will change lives

As a volunteer, you’ll bring people caring for someone with dementia into contact with our services, which can be a life-changing experience. We provide expert-led training courses to equip carers with the skills to manage their situation. We help carers increase their knowledge through teaching and learning, and we also work to build resilience through respite, reflection, sharing and relaxation.

We’re open to anyone caring for a family member or friend with dementia, no matter where they’re in their journey. Ann Warner, a family carer who attended one of our courses said, “I wasn’t feeling well when I arrived, but thanks to you I went home feeling good”.

3. You’ll bring joy to many people

Every carer has their own experiences and is on their own journey. We work with carers at every stage of their journey and support them with their needs, whatever they may be.

In addition to our expert-led courses, we offer individual support plans and can connect carers with others around them. As a Dementia Carers Count volunteer, you’ll bring light to many people who have felt like they’re alone and can’t cope.

4. You’ll always have something to talk about

You’ll never be stuck for something to say again – 700,000 families in the UK are affected by dementia and you never know if the person you’re sitting next to needs our services or knows someone who does. So be a conversation starter, tell people about Dementia Carers Count and maybe save someone’s day.

Making a difference, together

Every day, our team of carers at Dementia Carers Count work directly with carers and organisations across the UK to support families living with dementia; but we need your help.

At Dementia Carers Count we’re always looking for volunteers to join our cause. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can fill out our form.

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