DCC Ambassador

Whatever skills, experience or story you have to offer, you can make a difference at DCC.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dementia Carers Count Ambassador.

We need your help to spread the word about our work and ensure that family carers of people with dementia know about and can access our services, at a time when they most need support. As Heather says in the video above: “there is nothing like peer support…” and meeting someone like you, as an Ambassador, who can empathise with what others are going through in caring for someone with dementia can be incredibly helpful, inspiring and enlightening.

Would you like to represent our charity in your community and help spread the word about our courses and our new services? Would you like to join us at events and tell people about the work we do and how we support family carers?

We welcome those who have previously provided care for a friend or family member with dementia to join our community. Your experience is invaluable and will enable us to help others who may now be in a similar situation.

If you need support in your caring role, please have a look at our website for our list of face-to-face courses or have a look at our Live Online Learning sessions to see if there is a course for you.


Here are some of the ways you can help us as an Ambassador for our charity

We want to reach as many local community groups such as Rotary and Round Table clubs, Women’s Institute, schools, churches, synagogues and other religious and secular groups. Our team isn’t big enough yet to travel the length and breadth of the country, so we need your help to make sure that everyone that might need our services knows that we are here for them. These are just a few of the things that our ambassadors can support us with:


Spread the news by

● Distributing leaflets about us and our courses

● Sharing your story. Telling us your story and being a case studies for the media, our website and our fundraising is an incredibly powerful reminder the impact of our work

● Telling your friends and community about our charity’s work

● Talking to carers’ groups about us (we can help you with this by providing a PowerPoint presentation and and marketing materials)

● Following us on social media and sharing our courses with your connections

● Helping to ensure that we’re part of your local charity collections

● Reviewing our courses and helping us to find new carers to take part in future courses


Help us raise money by

● Introducing us to sponsors/donors/organisations/employers/groups/trusts & foundations
● Fundraising – you could take on your own sponsored challenge or organise a fundraising event to support our work. Have a look at our fundraising page and the a-z of fundraising ideas


Are you ready to become an Ambassador? Fill out our sign up form by clicking the button below.



Please get in touch with us at marketing@dementiacarers.org.uk with any questions or to find out how else you can help our cause.

Download our factsheet for Ambassadors here.

Download our leaflet with information on our Virtual Carers Centre and courses here.


We are grateful to our Ambassadors for spreading the word about what we do.

As an Ambassador we expect you to support and respect Dementia Carers Count values and remain accountable for your behaviour. When attending events as an Ambassador we recommend asking the organiser before sharing our promotional materials (if the organiser is available).

While we endeavour to ensure our Ambassadors have the information and support they require from Dementia Carers Count to represent our charity, we are not responsible for their actions or behaviour. Opinions expressed and advice given by our Ambassadors do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Dementia Carers Count.