Celebrating Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day we asked you to share your memories of your father and tell us how he’s influenced you and your community.


Happy memories of my dad when I was little. Saturday mornings he always took us to the park. Living in a village there were plenty of country walks. Dad had a great sense of humour and had endless patience. I can’t remember him getting really cross with my sister or I. However he was accident prone. Two stand out memories are the time he jumped a five bar gate – but only cleared four of them😅, and missing his footing and falling in the river. My sister was not impressed and refused to walk home with him! He now has dementia, but retains his sense of humour and good nature. – Although his language has become more colourful🤭. I have always felt loved by him and he has never stopped saying he is proud of me. –  Heather



We help my dad care for my mum with PCA dementia. For the last 7 years we’ve watched their life change and it’s been probably the most heartbreaking thing we’ve all gone through . But my dad has held his head high and given all this energy and love to help support my mum during this incredibly sad, frustrating, heartbreaking, lonely time. Despite having cancer he has mum at home still , she’s bed bound and needs help with everything. We all pull together as a family and she is surrounded by love. We so appreciate everything my dad does for my mum and everything he’s given up to give her the best life he can. – Katie


Simple! My father cared for me, now I’m caring for him – Barbara


Some people are lucky enough to have a calling in life. My dad is one of those people, he was destined to be a doctor, to help people – and he continues to do it to this day. No matter how bone tired and run down he is, my mum’s care always comes first.  – Sara


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